Pregnancy & The Wife

My lovely wife was a absolute train wreck during our Pregnancy.  Notice I said our, because I was pregnant too.  I was holding in all the comments, anger, and remarks that I wish I could say.  My wife was utterly obsessed with her book/website/phone app “What to Expect, When your Expecting“.  Everyday, she would complain that she isn’t doing this, or she isn’t doing that.   That was one of the hardest part of having a baby.  Managing my wife.

Managing my wife was the hardest part, and still is.  Even after having our little baby girl, the best thing that ever happened to us, my wife’s hormones only got more intense.  I want you to think of the worst PMS experience you’ve ever encountered with a woman, and 10X it.

Worst PMS Experience X 10 = Every Night After Giving Birth

You’d think since your child is finally here; things at home would be back to normal.  My wife would cry, cry, and cry – about every little thing.  About our finances, because I was working two small businesses myself at the time.  It was hard juggling two small businesses, and my crazy wife.  On top of all that I wanted to make sure my little girl got the attention she needed.  I can tell you that it hasn’t been easy.  Being a parent is no walk in the park.

Beast Mode

Beast ModeI’m sure you’ve seen some video that’s all about BEAST MODE where a linebacker completely demolishes like 7 guys or some trashy world star moment where one dude takes down like 4 guys in a bar fight.  The beast mode I’m talking about it a lot different.  I can tell you from personal experience that you get this second wind when you’re up late working hard.  When your completely drained, and your eyes start to close, but you know you need to finish the work that’s on your plate.  You now have a reason that’s bigger than yourself, or the new fancy car that you want to buy.  That reason is your child that you must now provide for.

Call “it fight or flight mode”, or just call it beast mode, but its a completely different way of doing things.  When I first had my daughter I was no longer scared to cold call businesses, or walk in the front door and pitch them.  It was a completely new me.  I immediately started spending more money on self-investment to make myself better.  You’ll feel the same feeling of BEAST MODE when you have your first child, and hopefully you’ll think of me.  Gary says go Beast Mode or Go Home.


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