Turning it up a Notch!

After about 3 months of little Chloe being born my schedule became easier.  I noticed that I was getting a lot more done in the short amount of time I had.  I was getting so much more done in that short time than I ever did prior to.  I talked to my wife, who was returning to work in a months time, and asked her if she truly wanted to go back.  Her eyes filled with tears, and she asked…  Do you think we are stable enough financially for me not to work?

I explained to her how I was able to get so much more done with limited time, and that I had a bright idea.  She asked to hear about my bright idea, and explained she always dreamed about not having to go back to work.  She said she would love not to go back, but didn’t want to put that pressure on me.

My Bright Idea

A business that runs itself.  I told her that I wanted to start an appliance repair business from home, and hire guys to take care of the calls.  I would manage it by myself, and she would take of the answering of phones.  She jumped up, and said “YESSS! – When do we start?”.

I said…  We already did.  The week beforehand I recorded this video which had already been circling the web.

After Turning it a Notch

After I turned it up a notch and started my own company everything changed.  My wife was happier, our baby girl was happier, and life was better.  It was amazing what having my wife at home did for our family.  My advice to young fathers is to do whatever you need to do to allow your wife to stay at home.

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