Moving Around

taxesWith the success of my appliance repair business we were able to move around.  Chloe was still young so we couldn’t do anything exotic, but we sure wanted to get out of Connecticut.  Getting out of CT was the best way to go because the taxes up there were very high.  Business was great, as I mentioned in my last post, and my appliance repair business was completely mobile.  I was able to keep a high income without actually being on the job.

Given the fact that I’ve created a business already it was time to start another one.  I decided to start the San Marcos Plumbing and Drain Service which was based out of San Marcos, Texas.  We had a wide variety of solutions for every plumbing need.  Due to the fact that the taxes in San Marcos were half that off Connecticut, it was a really great choice.


Pros & Cons of Moving Around

There are many pros & cons of moving around the country, and my wife was very audible when discussing her objections.

The Pros of Moving throughout the Country

  1. Traveling is great for the mind, body & soul
  2. Getting to meet new people
  3. Enjoying new experiences is important
  4. Getting to eat new, and interesting foods
  5. Tons of Networking Opportunities

The Cons of Moving throughout the Country

  1. Adjusting to new locations constantly can be difficult
  2. Hard to make long term friends
  3. Expensive to live in & out of hotels & motels
  4. Weight Gain because you just want to eat everything!
  5. No real place to call home

Looking Back at our Adventures

If we had to do it all again, we would.  Enjoying all different kinds of food was totally worth the extra few pounds that we found hanging around the midsection.  Being able to meet new people, and get those new network contacts was worth far more than the friendships that we had strained while traveling.  In fact we’re even better with people that we met during our travel adventures.  I personally liked San Marcos the best, but my wife enjoyed the northern states.  She is one of those people who sweats profusely, and needs that cold weather.  Gary says travel while you can. 

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