Expanding businesses is one the hardest things that needs to be done.  It’s always difficult to expand a business because of the inherent risk involved.

  • What if my New Employee is a loss of an investment?
  • What if my the newbie decides to quit and become my biggest competition?
  • What if my new employees steal from my business?
  • What if I get a bad name due to the bad new employees?

everything is your faultRegardless of what happens when you try to expand your business remember one thing: .  Literally, everything is your fault.  If an employee leaves your business to open one up right down the street it is your fault.  If you get stolen from it is your fault.  Accepting responsibility is part of turning it up.  You’ve got to put everything on your shoulders, and as Gary Vee says “love the grind”!

Sure there will be some hard employees to handle, but in the end you’ll have the opportunity to learn.  The more you can learn…  The better off you’ll be.  I learned a ton when my wife was first pregnant, and as the second time comes around I’ll be able to handle everything a lot more efficiently.  At first getting work done was hard as a new parent, but now I have it down pat.  Expanding is the same thing; expanding is something new that you need to learn how to do.

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