It’s REALLY Happening

The Baby is Here!!

What a magical time it was being called into the hospital for a vitals check, and getting the words “we’re going to get you a room”.  It was an amazing 9 months with my wife, because we were just so god damn excited to have a baby.  My wife decided that we were going to wait to find out what it was.  She knows me too well so in order to keep me from finding out on my own, she Our first babyscheduled the wellness visits when I wasn’t working.  She’s a smart lady, that wife of mine!

We got to our room, and found out that we needed to be induced because the fluid was low.  I figured that’d be a quick turn around.  I figured it’d be like being at a Subway restaurant with no one in front of you.  Instead it was like the opening doors of a heavily metal concert that weren’t even going to open for the next 30 minutes.  For the first two days we really just hung out there.  My wife and I both agreed that just sitting there watching whatever on TV was just like a bad vacation.

Sure enough 3:00 AM that night my wife woke me up, and said it was starting to hurt.  I asked her if she wouldn’t mind letting me get another hour of sleep.  She wasn’t too big a fan of my question, and called the nurses to come in to handle the child birthing.

Should I look?

My guy friends got really mad at me because I’d always ask them if they looked.  Did they dare gaze into the stretched vaginal they used to make love to?  Things got awkward really quick when I asked that question.  Some people would be like hell no, and others would say that they looked.  I looked, and it was amazing.  The little hair on the head that was poking out was nothing I’ll ever forget.  My wife kept screaming at the nurses to pull it out of her.  I wasn’t about to get into that mess.  My job was holding hands, and not passing out.  I don’t tend to do well around blood.

Despite my issues with blood, and the thought of being disgusted I decided to look.  It was an emotional experience seeing that little baby for the first time.  The doctors had my wife push it half way out, and then pull it out by herself.  Seeing my wife pull a kid out of her was a freaky situation.  Regardless, I’d highly recommend to husbands who are sealing the knot to keep it in the back of your mind that Gary said to look.